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Life Interrupted -- A 4400 RPG

Taken for a Reason. Returned with a Purpose.

7/10/06 12:47 pm - shawnfarrell_83 - The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend (Tag Diana, Tom)

Shawn sat down and made a phone call to NTAC trying to get in touch with Tom and Diana. They were out on an important case, so he told the person who answered that he needed to see them as soon as possible and that it was very important. He hung up hoping he would see them soon.

"We need help in any form we can get it. I hope they help us."

6/30/06 08:06 pm - daniel_armand - Bait (tag Lily)

Daniel sat down at his desk, thinking about life and what a waste his had been so far. He had been granted a gift though, the gift of POWER, and he was not about to let that gift go to waste. He might have said that he had been using his powers on Lily, but he hadn't yet. The experimenting though, that was true, but there was a problem though. Daniel was trying to figure out a way to make his 4400 members better, stronger, but how could he know if his experiments and his new serums were working, if he didn't know how to measure it. He didn't know what Lily's power is, or that if she even had one, impossible to measure. But that is why he changed his plan and used her as bait, he couldn't judge her powers but he could on other 4400s. Daniel let out a secret grin that only he could see, a grin that could start a war between 4400s, well at least a few fights.

Daniel made his way out of his office and into the holding cell where Lily was being kept, "I was thinking about taking that blind fold off of you and the gag out of your mouth, but I am afraid you might bite. You wouldn't bite me, would you?,", Daniel laughed, "and oh by the way your Richard is worried about you and so is that punk Shawn and your adorable dau.........oh never mind."

Daniel laughed and laughed at himself, waiting for Lily to squirm and get upset, he wanted her to squirm. He slowly removed the gag out of her mouth.

6/28/06 05:21 pm - agent_skouris - Broken Glass (Tag: Marco, Tom, Alana, Jeremy, Jean)

Diana turned away from the door, her eyes searching the streets. Her right hand was secured comfortably on her purse, right above her gun holster so she could access it easily. Her other hand was holding the car keys. Electronically unlocking the doors, she went down the steps, smiling at Marco who waited on the bottom.

"No luck, Jeremy Bryant is home." she said, as she stood next to him. "Alana's art place is right around the corner, I think we should just drive there so I can keep an eye on my car."

She walked over to her door, Marco following behind, as she sat in the driver's seat and threw her purse in the back. She didn't need it anymore. Diana usually only had it for social calls, to show that she was just some kind NTAC agent looking for information. At a secured crime scene however, it wasn't needed at all. She was adjusting the mirror when Marco got in the car.

"So, who are you voting for?" Diana asked. "Do you think a human or 4400 threw that brick?"

6/26/06 02:23 pm - jeremy_bryant - Unexpected Meeting (Tag: Jean)

Jeremy stood alone, cup of the tropical fruit drink in his hand. He was getting tired of doing nothing here. He had come to the party, thinking that this would be a good change to talk to the other 4400s that came to the Center for classes, like he did. It was just an art class. Most of these others came from more exciting courses, like the one he saw advertised to help them control their new and developing powers. But he hadn't gotten his power yet, no matter how hard he wanted it.

Drinking the rest of the punch, he crumpled the cup and threw it into the trash can. He was getting ready to leave, but he suddenly stopped when he saw someone he recognized across the garden. Almost running over to her, he stopped a few feet away.

"Jean Teller?" he asked, hoping this wasn't just some random stranger he was talking to. It looked like her, but she looked... different some how.

6/22/06 07:51 pm - marcopacella - Wondering (Tag: Diana)

Marco Pacella and Diana had been officialy dating for three weeks. they both agreed not to tell anybody, but Marco sometimes wondered if it had been a good idea. His friends down the Theory Room knew something, at least that is what he thought, they had not acted the same with him recently, and he thought that this was the main reason. He needed to talk to Diana, maybe she would not mind...

Sighing, he entered Diana's office. "Hey, Diana, you have a minute?" He asked.

6/21/06 04:59 pm - richard_tyler - Lost & Found (Tag: Shawn, Isabelle)

Richard had been running through The 4400 Center for the last hour, searching for anyone who might have any idea of where Isabelle was. He could not believe that she was missing, but Lily had pointed out her crib. The doors were locked, Lily had been in the other room the whole time. How had Isabelle gotten out? Had someone taken her? Where the hell was she know? Those were the questions Richard had been asking himself since then. Now back in their apartment at the Center, Richard could only pace and wait for Lily to return from the local police station, where she reporting their only daughter missing.

It was then he heard the knock on the door. Running towards it, he threw it open.

"Lily?" he asked hopefully.

But it was only Shawn and some other woman.

"Oh, hey Shawn." he said cautiously. He only nodded to the young woman. "Shawn, have you seen Isabelle? Lily and I found her crib empty, we have no idea where she had gone. Is there any 4400 you know of that can help us find her?" He walked back inside. "Lily is already at the police station filling a report."

6/19/06 10:43 pm - kevin_burkhoff - In Sickness and Power (Tag: Diana)

Kevin Burkhoff knelt beside his bed, or at least what was his bed. There were papers scattered everywhere. Notes on what he had been doing lately. His experiment involving himself. He had grown accustomed to working alone, but now there was one sickness after another and he couldn't handle them alone. He wasn't sure if they were side effects or proof of his failed experiment. Either way he needed help, he was sure he was dying. There was only one person he could think of to call that would even think about helping him. Somebody that he knew had a scientific background.

"Agent Skouris, I know your probably busy with something else at the moment, but whenever you can, could you give me a call. There is no rush, if something important is going on I can wait for a reply.", the phone beeps "MESSAGE DELIVERED"

Burkhoff fell back into his papers. He knew he had lied to her, there was a need for rush. Now the question was would he die trying because of using promicin?

6/19/06 08:41 pm - tom_baldwin03 - Tom (Tag Alana)

Tom arrived home after a long day at NTAC. The press asking about his son was getting on his nerves. All he wanted to do is to prove that Kyle didnt shoot Jordan so that he could have his son back. He puts his keys down on the table and places his gun next to it. He begins to walk around the house to see if Alana was home yet. He didnt see her so he decided to call out to her. "Alana? Are you home yet?" he asks. When no one answered, he sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

6/19/06 04:35 pm - isabelletyler - Growing Up, Together (Tag: Shawn)

"Hello Shawn, I'm Isabelle," she said.

She watched as Shawn's face contorted with what looked like shock, confusion, embarrassment, and maybe even fear.

Isabelle stood in the doorway to Shawn's office, in all her naked glory, announcing her arrival. She wasn't sure exactly why she was here, but she had followed a compulsion to approach Shawn as soon as her transformation was complete.

Isabelle had vague memories of his caring, from her infant days, but her desire to be near him now was different, colored by her entry into womanhood. Most everything felt different though. Her infant days, present but somewhat foggy in her mind, felt like they happened a lifetime ago.

Isabelle felt strong, as if the very air around her was buzzing with power, but she also felt confused, as if trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. She felt safe with Shawn. Surely, he could help her.

6/19/06 09:20 am - agent_skouris - The War is Only Starting (Tag: Maia)

Closing the door, Diana Skouris turned. She had just said goodbye to Marco Pacella, the man from her work that she had just started dating. They both had decided that after Maia's startling prediction, that it would be best for him to leave and let her mother handle it on her own. The young girl had locked herself in her room, writing in those notebooks that she could not put down. Yes, she has a special gift, but it seemed that ever since she was taken off the promicin inhibitor her visions have not stopped coming. Opening the door lightly, Diana looked inside at her adoptive daughter, wondering why in the world would the people of the future bestow a gigantic gift on such a little girl.

Stepping inside, Diana worked her way through Maia's toys and books and sat on the side of her bed. Five notebooks sat on her left, filled to the brim with her predictions. Ten were on her left, waiting to be filled. Maia was halfway done the one she was writing in. "THE WAR IS ONLY STARTING" was written in a childish hand on the bottom of the left page.

"So Maia," she began, placing a hand on her shoulder. "What are you up to?"

She already knew the answer, but still wanted Maia to tell her.

5/9/06 08:30 pm - sjb121590 - APPLICATION and GAME RULES

Please read over the rules carefully, before applying to join the game. If you are still interested in joining, then please fill out the application below.

- This will be an active RPG. This means if your character is tagged, please reply within three days. If your character is active in a thread that ends, please start a new thread with that character or move them to another active thread, within three days.

If you know ahead of time that you will be on vacation and unable to post for more than three days, please post this in the OOC community. If you become sick and can not give us the heads up right away, please give us an update as soon as you are able.

- OCs will not be allowed untill all canon character have been cast. Once all canon positions have been filled, you may take up an OC or apply to play only an OC.

- AIM screen name(s) for your character(s) are not required, but it would be very helpful. If you have a conversation with someone that would effect a storyline or you think others should read, please post it in the community journal under a cut.

- Please try to read all the threads so you know what the characters are up to. It makes it much easier then the mods having to constantly inform people of what's going on. I don't mean you have to read each thread every day, but if you could do so once a week or so. It will make things much easier and help the game run a lot smoother. Plus it may give you ideas and it's fun to see what's going on with the other characters.

- Please be considerate of your fellow players and do not move their characters around without permission. Don't assume that a character you are tagging will respond a certain way. This is a role-playing game, not a creative writing exercise. If you have a long story focusing on a single character in mind, and it's not flexible enough to allow other characters to move within it, you'll be better off writing fan-fiction. By the same token, if a group of characters seem to be involved in a particular story, please refrain from having your character swoop in and solve it. That's just no fun for anyone else. Try to refrain from scripting out a scene beforehand or trying to write soliloquies around another player's character.

- When your character(s) reply to a post and gets involved in that scene, please keep up with it. If you happen to get behind, just catch up as best as you can. Don't worry about going back and filling in. Keep it natural. Just start a new thread with your character or have them join another thread.

- Don't jump into more than one scene at a time. If Lily and Richard are sitting next to each other than they can interact, but if they have had an ongoing conversation, don't suddenly have Isabelle start interjecting in the middle. He could have been listening and come in where they left off...Or don't have Lily talk to Isabelle and then have a completely separate conversation with Richard, at the same time. If all three are talking, then have them interact with each other, in one scene.

- When it's announced by a mod that the day will be wrapping up, please try to have your character(s) do so in a timely manner. It's preferable that they are shown preparing for the night, but not absolutely necessary. Same goes for the new day beginning. It's preferable that each character is shown starting the new day, by either a new thread or joining someone else. However, if there is a delay in posting for that character, then just start fresh by having them join the day wherever it currently is or join someone's thread.

- The GMs are here to help keep things running smoothly, not to lord over the other players. If you would like a rule clarified, ask. Want to put forth a story idea? Pitch it to us! Lord knows we don't mind having some of the creative burden taken off of our shoulders.

- Keep the sniping and nit-picking private. If you have a problem with someone's actions, let them know privately. If the problem persists, contact the moderator (sjb121590).


Name/Nickname: (needed)
Age: (needed)
Timezone/when you are normally online/times you will be available: (needed)
Contact Info: (AIM, YIM, MSN, Email, however you would like to be contacted about the role) (needed)
Your real life LJ: (optional)

Character you are applying for: (needed)
Why do you want this character: (only for custom characters)
Character Physical Description: (only for custom characters)
Character Personality: (only for custom characters)

RP sample as your character: (3rd person past tense please, only about one paragraph long) (needed)

Good Luck!

Submit your applications here please as a comment to this post. (Comments will be screened)
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