Isabelle Tyler (as played by D) (isabelletyler) wrote in life_interupted,
Isabelle Tyler (as played by D)

Growing Up, Together (Tag: Shawn)

"Hello Shawn, I'm Isabelle," she said.

She watched as Shawn's face contorted with what looked like shock, confusion, embarrassment, and maybe even fear.

Isabelle stood in the doorway to Shawn's office, in all her naked glory, announcing her arrival. She wasn't sure exactly why she was here, but she had followed a compulsion to approach Shawn as soon as her transformation was complete.

Isabelle had vague memories of his caring, from her infant days, but her desire to be near him now was different, colored by her entry into womanhood. Most everything felt different though. Her infant days, present but somewhat foggy in her mind, felt like they happened a lifetime ago.

Isabelle felt strong, as if the very air around her was buzzing with power, but she also felt confused, as if trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. She felt safe with Shawn. Surely, he could help her.
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