Jeremy Bryant (jeremy_bryant) wrote in life_interupted,
Jeremy Bryant

Unexpected Meeting (Tag: Jean)

Jeremy stood alone, cup of the tropical fruit drink in his hand. He was getting tired of doing nothing here. He had come to the party, thinking that this would be a good change to talk to the other 4400s that came to the Center for classes, like he did. It was just an art class. Most of these others came from more exciting courses, like the one he saw advertised to help them control their new and developing powers. But he hadn't gotten his power yet, no matter how hard he wanted it.

Drinking the rest of the punch, he crumpled the cup and threw it into the trash can. He was getting ready to leave, but he suddenly stopped when he saw someone he recognized across the garden. Almost running over to her, he stopped a few feet away.

"Jean Teller?" he asked, hoping this wasn't just some random stranger he was talking to. It looked like her, but she looked... different some how.
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