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Unexpected Meeting (Tag: Jean)

Jeremy stood alone, cup of the tropical fruit drink in his hand. He was getting tired of doing nothing here. He had come to the party, thinking that this would be a good change to talk to the other 4400s that came to the Center for classes, like he did. It was just an art class. Most of these others came from more exciting courses, like the one he saw advertised to help them control their new and developing powers. But he hadn't gotten his power yet, no matter how hard he wanted it.

Drinking the rest of the punch, he crumpled the cup and threw it into the trash can. He was getting ready to leave, but he suddenly stopped when he saw someone he recognized across the garden. Almost running over to her, he stopped a few feet away.

"Jean Teller?" he asked, hoping this wasn't just some random stranger he was talking to. It looked like her, but she looked... different some how.
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Jean Teller hadn't expected much from this party. Sure, she had met Shawn Farell but other than that, she didn't really know what she was doing here... She sighed, and decided to go take a walk outside... After having walked for ten minutes, she thought about leaving, when she heard someone calling her name.

"Jean Teller?"

She looked up at the man calling her. Oh my god, it is him! Indeed, in front of her was standing the man she had met in quarantine and thought she would never see again. She smiled at him.

"Hello, Jeremy."
"Wow," he said, smiling. "It's really you. I thought you were going back to Portland, y'know, to be with your folks."

He was still happy to see her. Not a friendly face here, and then he runs into the person he'd least expected to. Jeremy looked over his shoulder at the party, a few clusters of people milling about, talking. Somehow, it seemed livelier than before, now that he had someone to talk with.

"So, how have you been?" Bryant asked, starting to walk around the fountain, waiting for Jean to follow him. "I haven't see you for, God, how long was it? Two years?"

The memory of quarantine seemed to be ages ago.
"yeah, it is really me. Hard to believe heh?" She couldn't stop smiling.

Seeing him really made her in a better mood than she had been when arriving there.

"And actually, yeah, I went back to see my parents. It was a shock for me to find out that my two borthers and sister were out of the house, you know... I've gone from being the oldest to the youngest... Wierd heh?" She paused, smiling at the thought. "anyways I've been studying law since I've been back... I'm studying in Olympia, it is not to far from here..." She then asked: "What about you? What have you been up to for the last two years?" She paused, looked at Jeremy into his eyes, "I've missed you," she said.
He smiled, feeling a slight chill once she looked him in the eyes and said that she missed him. For some reason, he couldn't sat it back. Jeremy sat down on the fountain's lip, then took her hand and helped her sit next to him.

"Well, I stayed here after we returned. I was never close to my parents, so I never really wanted to go back there and see them. They didn't come here to get me. So, I bought an apartment with the help of NTAC and began working as a parking attendant. Grand job, isn't it?" He smiled at her. "I've been coming here for the past few months, taking art courses. This is the first little party of theirs I've been too. Funny to run into you here." Locking onto her eyes, his smile grew wider. "So, why are you here? Isn't Olympia, like, an hour away?"
Jean sat down next to Jeremy, who was still holding her hand..."You wanna know why I am here?" she asked. "The truth is... I don't know, I guess I just wanted to see the place. I'm glad I did, now..." She stayed quiet for a moment, leaning her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes, and just living the beautiful moment and hoping it would last forever!...
Jeremy nodded, that wide smile still across his face. "Me too."

He remembered back to quarantine, where they met and bonded. Before they left, they promised to keep in touch. Of course, they knew that neither of them could. Jeremy had no idea where he was going, and Jean's family had changed their phone number. But it seemed that somehow they got in contact, despite all the time that had passed.

"So," he asked, looking down at her. "Can I finally get your phone number?"
"Of course you can get my phone number! You didn't think that I would leave you without knowing that we would stay in touch?" She took a pen and a piece of paper from her handbag, wrote down her cell phone number, home number and adress of her apartment in Olympia. She put the paper into his hand. "Don't you dare lose it!" She said jokingly. She had already lost him once, and she would make sure it would not happen again...
Jeremy shook his head, "Of course I won't. I don't loose numbers I really want."

He stuck it in his pocket, smiling. After stealing a piece of paper from her, he then proceeded to write down his own contact information, handing it to Jean.

"You better not loose this, either." Jeremy checked his watch, peaking over his shoulder at the large building. "It's close to lunch. Wanna go inside, see if we can snag some food at the cafeteria?"
Jean nodded as she put the paper Jeremy had given her in her handbag. "Yeah sure," she said. "Now that you mention it, I'm pretty hungry. I hope they have lobster though... I haven't eaten this in ages!" She laughed... It was the first time she had laughed since she arrived. Standing up, she pointed inside the center. "Shall we?"
"We shall." Jeremy said, nodding.

He took her arm in a style that reminded him of Dorothy and her group skipping down the Yellow Brick Road. Smiling at his own private joke, he lead her into the Center and into cafeteria. After finished getting his food (which, he knew, was free to any 4400 during special events) he sat at a table, waiting for Jean Teller to come over. When he saw her approach, he smiled.

"So, were you able to find that lobster you were looking for?"
Smiling broadly, she showed the half lobster she had on her plate. "What does it look like? Chicken?", She said playfully, while she started eating. "Oh my god, it tastes soo good!!!"

She stayed quiet while they ate, when suddenly, a vision hit her. She jumped a little, but was relieved to see it was not a vision of crime, like the ones she usually has, but a vision that showed her that in this place, long ago, before it became the center, people had lived moments like the one she was having now... That vision made her smile...
Jeremy had kept smiling this whole time until Jean suddenly jumped, her eyes glazing over. He had no idea what was going on. Dropping his hamburger, he was about to jump up and call for help when a smile formed across her mouth. Looking up into her eyes, he saw that they looked normal again...

"Jean?" he asked lightly. "Are, you okay?"
"Yeah, Jeremy. I'm fine" She smiled. "There is just... It is just... Since I've been back, I've not been the same!"

She hadn't mentioned her ability to anyone before. Not even to her parents, nor her friends. He would be the first to know. She sighed.

"Four months after I got back, I started seeing things..."
Jeremy reached his hand across the table, as if to stop her. Sure, he was glad that she now had a 4400 power like the rest of the them. And yes, he may have felt a little jealous that she had discovered hers first (okay, maybe very jealous), but he still cared about her. With rumors of shading dealing involving the Center spreading slowly around, he didn't think they should be talking about this here, now.

"Okay," he whispered. "Tell me about your, power... Just, keep it down, please."

He hoped that his eyes gave her enough warning not to ask questions.
She nodded "I will tell you about it, but later," she said. "You are right, I should be careful, especially here, we don't know who to trust..." She stayed quiet, until they both finished their food. "Let's go for a walk", she said when both had done eating. She would feel safer talking in a place where she knew it was only the two of them...
Jeremy nodded, taking the trash she had and throwing it away from her. Once they were finished, he pointed out the door.

"Ready? There's a small park not far from here. We'd have to drive though. Do you want to go there?"

He smiled hopefully, hoping she would say yes.
"Yep, we can go there if you want..." She went out the center, waiting for Jeremy to catch up with her. She then added: "My car's over there, I'll drive?" She took out the keys out from her bag and both headed for her car.
When he got closer, and she said that she'll drive he could only nod. He thought they could take his car, but if she was asking... Heck, his car was probably a piece of crap compared to his anyway. Once they reached the car, he opened the door for her, so she could get in.

"Lady's first." he said, as she got in.

He ran over to the passenger's door and got in, buckling his seat belt when he sat. Jeremy pointed at the parking lot's exit.

"You make a right once we get out of here." he said.
She nodded. "Right, gotcha!" She turned right, as she had been told by Jeremy. She now felt that she could talk freely, without the risk of being overheard, so she did.

"It all started so suddenly..."


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She smiled back. "Well, I guess I was so sick that I really didn't pay attention to what was around me. Honestly, I thought I was going to die... You have no idea how glad I felt to see Shawn Farrell puting his hands on me..." She sighed... "Anyways, after we went out, the visions got worse... I don't know why, but since then I have seen things that I had never seen before... and more often too..." She then went on talking, hoping Jeremy was not getting bored with what she was telling him.
"Yeah," Jeremy said, nodding. "Well, you're lucky. I kinda feel left out, since I have no powers to speak of."

He found a place on a bench, and sat down.

"You know, I've seen this add for the Center. It's a course to help 4400 control their powers. Maybe you should go. But you probably should register your powers with NTAC. You don't want the government up your ass."
"Yeah, you're right..." She looked at her watch. Three o'clock. "Do you think we could go now? I know we just got here, but it is getting late and I need to go to Portland tonight, I got family coming over!" It was true, but she also thought that if there was a way to control her power, she needed to learn it as soon as possible!
"Okay." Jeremy said, nodding. "Just drop me off at the Center, I need to get my car..."

It was then he realized that he didn't have his car. The battery had died this morning, and he had taken the bus. Jeremy was shocked that he forgot.

"Actually," he began. "Can you drop me off at home? It's not that far from here, right near the highway outta here."
"Yeah I can do that!"

She started her car.

"So, which way do I have to go?"
He gave her directions. She drove as he spoke, following directions exactly. But when they got near his street, there was a road block up ahead. Jeremy told Jean to stop, and he pulled his head out of the car looking ahead. He was about to ask Jean what was going on when this woman said something, and ran towards him.

"Jeremy Bryant!" she screamed. "Please, stay where you are!"