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Please read over the rules carefully, before applying to join the game. If you are still interested in joining, then please fill out the application below.

- This will be an active RPG. This means if your character is tagged, please reply within three days. If your character is active in a thread that ends, please start a new thread with that character or move them to another active thread, within three days.

If you know ahead of time that you will be on vacation and unable to post for more than three days, please post this in the OOC community. If you become sick and can not give us the heads up right away, please give us an update as soon as you are able.

- OCs will not be allowed untill all canon character have been cast. Once all canon positions have been filled, you may take up an OC or apply to play only an OC.

- AIM screen name(s) for your character(s) are not required, but it would be very helpful. If you have a conversation with someone that would effect a storyline or you think others should read, please post it in the community journal under a cut.

- Please try to read all the threads so you know what the characters are up to. It makes it much easier then the mods having to constantly inform people of what's going on. I don't mean you have to read each thread every day, but if you could do so once a week or so. It will make things much easier and help the game run a lot smoother. Plus it may give you ideas and it's fun to see what's going on with the other characters.

- Please be considerate of your fellow players and do not move their characters around without permission. Don't assume that a character you are tagging will respond a certain way. This is a role-playing game, not a creative writing exercise. If you have a long story focusing on a single character in mind, and it's not flexible enough to allow other characters to move within it, you'll be better off writing fan-fiction. By the same token, if a group of characters seem to be involved in a particular story, please refrain from having your character swoop in and solve it. That's just no fun for anyone else. Try to refrain from scripting out a scene beforehand or trying to write soliloquies around another player's character.

- When your character(s) reply to a post and gets involved in that scene, please keep up with it. If you happen to get behind, just catch up as best as you can. Don't worry about going back and filling in. Keep it natural. Just start a new thread with your character or have them join another thread.

- Don't jump into more than one scene at a time. If Lily and Richard are sitting next to each other than they can interact, but if they have had an ongoing conversation, don't suddenly have Isabelle start interjecting in the middle. He could have been listening and come in where they left off...Or don't have Lily talk to Isabelle and then have a completely separate conversation with Richard, at the same time. If all three are talking, then have them interact with each other, in one scene.

- When it's announced by a mod that the day will be wrapping up, please try to have your character(s) do so in a timely manner. It's preferable that they are shown preparing for the night, but not absolutely necessary. Same goes for the new day beginning. It's preferable that each character is shown starting the new day, by either a new thread or joining someone else. However, if there is a delay in posting for that character, then just start fresh by having them join the day wherever it currently is or join someone's thread.

- The GMs are here to help keep things running smoothly, not to lord over the other players. If you would like a rule clarified, ask. Want to put forth a story idea? Pitch it to us! Lord knows we don't mind having some of the creative burden taken off of our shoulders.

- Keep the sniping and nit-picking private. If you have a problem with someone's actions, let them know privately. If the problem persists, contact the moderator (sjb121590).


Name/Nickname: (needed)
Age: (needed)
Timezone/when you are normally online/times you will be available: (needed)
Contact Info: (AIM, YIM, MSN, Email, however you would like to be contacted about the role) (needed)
Your real life LJ: (optional)

Character you are applying for: (needed)
Why do you want this character: (only for custom characters)
Character Physical Description: (only for custom characters)
Character Personality: (only for custom characters)

RP sample as your character: (3rd person past tense please, only about one paragraph long) (needed)

Good Luck!

Submit your applications here please as a comment to this post. (Comments will be screened)
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