Isabelle Tyler (as played by D) (isabelletyler) wrote in life_interupted,
Isabelle Tyler (as played by D)

Growing Up, Together (Tag: Shawn)

"Hello Shawn, I'm Isabelle," she said.

She watched as Shawn's face contorted with what looked like shock, confusion, embarrassment, and maybe even fear.

Isabelle stood in the doorway to Shawn's office, in all her naked glory, announcing her arrival. She wasn't sure exactly why she was here, but she had followed a compulsion to approach Shawn as soon as her transformation was complete.

Isabelle had vague memories of his caring, from her infant days, but her desire to be near him now was different, colored by her entry into womanhood. Most everything felt different though. Her infant days, present but somewhat foggy in her mind, felt like they happened a lifetime ago.

Isabelle felt strong, as if the very air around her was buzzing with power, but she also felt confused, as if trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. She felt safe with Shawn. Surely, he could help her.
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Shawn just stared at Isabelle, not knowing what to say, what to think. She said she was Isabelle, but she can't be. Somehow though, he knew she was. A baby then an adult, How?

Shawn stood up and grabbed a robe from his bathroom, "Here put this on.", he handed her the robe.

He moved closer to her where their bodies were almost touching and helped her put the robe on, then he backed up.

"Umm, Isabelle.", Shawn thought for a moment, "How?"
"I really don't know how," Isabelle said, looking down at the robe, where his hands had tied the belt, searching her mind for answers.

"It just kind of happened, I think. I mean, I don't really remember anything happening, but I woke up and I was like this, next to my crib, and I … I just thought … I don't know … I felt like I should come to you."

She looked up at him, her brow furrowed with confusion and frustration, her eyes pleading. The determined woman who had marched into his office had somehow been replaced by a frightened girl.

"Will you help me?"
Shawn looked into her eyes seeing the fear and confusion. He too, felt a connection. Somehow this was meant to happen. Destiny perhaps? If you had asked Shawn before his abduction he would have said that was no such thing as destiny, but since the 4400s return, he knew that was now not true, every 4400 had a destiny and maybe Isabelle was in his.

"I don't know how this can happen, maybe it's a 4400 ability you have.", He stared at the ground, once again stepping away from Isabelle. Maybe the distance between them physically would distance their emotional connection. "But you really aren't a 4400, your something different, something special."

Shawn started pacing back and forth. Wondering what to do and how to feel and what to say, he was so confused. He closed his eyes and then sat down in a chair next to Isabelle. He looked up at her with a glance that posed a thousand questions toward her.

"What kind of help do you want?"
"Well," Isabelle said with a hopeful smile, sitting down in the chair next to Shawn's chair, "I don't feel sick or wrong or anything. I feel good, like this is right, but I don't know how this happened. You said I might have done this somehow, because my parents are 4400s, right? Then, maybe I need to learn more about what all that means, you know, learn about the 4400s … and about me."

"Too," she said looking down at the robe again, "I think I need to know more about the world and how it works."

"I mean," she hesitated, looking into his eyes, then back at the robe, "the sensation of this material is interesting, though I was comfortable without it, but you seemed upset that I came as I did."

"I want to learn things, so that I don't upset anyone," Isabelle said looking deep into his eyes again, "especially you."
Shawn was able to crack a smile, "Yeah the world is a crazy place and even crazier for 4400's. There is no telling how the world will react to you."

He moved in a little closer to her, not feeling anymore that he needed to distance himself from her, "But it is always good to have a friend to help to understand it. If that's what you need, then I will be that."

Shawn takes her hand and looks into her eyes, losing his train of thought for a few seconds and then he panics. He shakes his head trying to forget what he felt. He had almost moved in for a kiss, but he knew that can not happen.

"Uh..Um...Isabelle, have you talked to either one of your parents yet? Richard or Lily?"
Isabelle looked into his eyes, enjoying the warmth of his hand holding hers, and felt that she made the right choice coming to Shawn.

Thinking about his question, she said, "No, I haven't talked to mom or dad. Do you think they'll be upset?"

"I don't even know how I did this," she said anxiously looking down at their hands clasped together. "I didn't mean to grow up this fast. How can I explain this to them? I don't want them to be upset with me."
Shawn was able to crack another smile and he was once again comfortable.

"Isabelle, I don't think they will be mad at you. You technically didn't do anything wrong.", Shawn helped Isabelle up, "Without a reason for why this happened, we can't place blame."

Shawn helped her move to the door, "I don't know if your tired or not, I mean everybody has different sleeping patterns, but I could find you a place to rest. It will probably beat that crib you used to sleep in.", Isabelle opened up a warm smile, "or you could do something else. We can wait to tell your parents if you don't want to tell them right now."
Isabelle returned Shawn's smile, glad for the guidance and understanding.

"Oh, I'm not tired at all. I feel … energized. I would love to have a place where I could study and think, though. But maybe we should talk to my parents first, so they don't get worried about me when they see that I'm missing from my crib."
Shawn felt total agreement with Isabelle. He knew how deep Richard's and Lily's love was for her. They would need to be told as soon as possible.

"I think that is a very good idea and very thoughtful toward your parents. Be prepared though, You don't know how they will handle your new appearance."

Shawn called in to find Isabelle a room, "I have you a room, I'll show you where it is on the way to talk to your parents", Shawn gave Isabelle a worried look, "are you really ready to confront your parents about this?"
"I don't know if I could ever be ready, really, to tell my parents that I grew up overnight, but they need to know, right?" she said, accepting the inevitable, but appreciating Shawn's concern.

" 'Hi mom, hi dad. I know it's hard to believe, but I somehow became an adult more quickly than you expected. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Please don't be mad.' "

Isabelle was nervous, yes, but there was a sparkle of delight in her eyes. She gave a half-smile, amused and anxious, her eyes darting away from Shawn.

"I like this," she said, quickly taking Shawn's hand in hers again, looking at their hands together. "I feel stronger, less confused, this way," she said, feeling the need to logically explain why she desired his touch.

Looking into his eyes, thinking about their connection and his physical proximity, she could sense his power. The strength that flowed between them, through their clasped hands, was comforting and pleasing.

"Will you hold my hand through this? I think it might help me and they trust you, right? So, they might react more positively if they know that you're on my side."

Holding Shawn's hand seemed, to Isabelle, to be a good tactic in approaching her parents about her transformation, but it also seemed helpful in solidifying her alliance with Shawn. Strategizing came naturally to Isabelle, certainly, but there was more to her than intellect. Her instincts and emotions were also keyed to Shawn. He was … good, nice, aesthetically pleasing and he made her feel … warm inside, safe, content.
Why did Shawn feel pleased and apprehensive at the same time. He wanted Isabelle near him, he knew it, but what made him apprehensive was the predicament. She was a baby and now..... Shawn didn't want to think about that, what mattered was what was going on now. Who she was now.

"Yeah, as I said it's better to face life with a....", Shawn didn't want to say they were just friends,"a person that understands."

Shawn walked with Isabelle to the door. Connection, Concern, Shawn was beginning to accept his feelings and Isabelle, he just hoped Isabelle's parents could accept her.

"Let's go, I know that at least your dad is in your parent's room. I really do hope your ready, but don't be afraid,", it was almost as if shawn sensed what Isabelle was feeling, "I'm here with you."
Isabelle walked with Shawn through the Center's corridors, trying not to worry overmuch. Shawn was with her, guiding her, hand-in-hand, to her parent's door. When they reached their destination, she took a deep breath, nodded, and steadied herself as Shawn knocked on the door.