tom_baldwin03 (tom_baldwin03) wrote in life_interupted,

Tom (Tag Alana)

Tom arrived home after a long day at NTAC. The press asking about his son was getting on his nerves. All he wanted to do is to prove that Kyle didnt shoot Jordan so that he could have his son back. He puts his keys down on the table and places his gun next to it. He begins to walk around the house to see if Alana was home yet. He didnt see her so he decided to call out to her. "Alana? Are you home yet?" he asks. When no one answered, he sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.
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I was finishing from using the blow dryer when I heard the tv go on. I looked at the clock. It stated it was 6:00pm. I couldn't believe it was that late already. Was that Tom already coming in? I thought I had more time to fix up the table before he arrived, but I guess I didn't. I grabbed the perfume bottle off of the cabinet and spray some on.
"Thomas is that you? You are home alittle early aren't you? How was your day?"
"Its better now that I am here with you" he says as he gets up and gives his wife a kiss. "Its been along day. I tried to go visit Kyle in jail but he didnt want to see me" Tom goes over into the kitchen and gets himself something to drink.
Alana felt so bad for Tom. She knew how much he missed his son, and what was killing him even more was that he couldn't prove that his son was innocent yet. She didn't like seeing him so upset and depressed, but what could she do to change that? If the shoe was on the other foot, she would be upset and depressed just like him.
"Thomas, you know that he misses and loves you. He just thinks that it will be easier for you and for him that you don't see eachother. It is harder that you have to keep seperating from eachother, then not see the other.I promiseyou he will be home soon. I don't know how or when, but it will happen." With that she gave him a big hug and just held him close.
"I just wish that I could see him. I miss him. He is my son. I just wish that their was some way to prove that Kyle didnt do it, it was that thing that those people from the future put inside of him." Tom held onto Alana as they continued his hug with her.
Just then their house phone rang. They looked at each other, and then Alana went to answer the phone.
"Yes, this is Alana Mareva. Really? Are you sure? Okay. Alright. What did it say. Yes, sir, I'll be right there."
Tom looked at Alana in concern. Alana was shocked by who was on the phone.
"The museum was broken into. That was a police officer on the phone. He noticed broken glass on the ground in front of the museum. When he further went to investigate, he found a brick on the ground with a note attached. He said that it read 'Kyle didn't do it, but I know who did.' and that was it. I have to go down and make sure nothing was tampered with or stolen."
"If this has something to do with Kyle I need to go down there with you, but first I need to go down to NTAC to get Diana. I will meet you down there in about 20 mintues" he says as he gives Alana a kiss on the cheek and races out the door. He gets in his car and races down to NTAC.
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