richard_tyler (richard_tyler) wrote in life_interupted,

Lost & Found (Tag: Shawn, Isabelle)

Richard had been running through The 4400 Center for the last hour, searching for anyone who might have any idea of where Isabelle was. He could not believe that she was missing, but Lily had pointed out her crib. The doors were locked, Lily had been in the other room the whole time. How had Isabelle gotten out? Had someone taken her? Where the hell was she know? Those were the questions Richard had been asking himself since then. Now back in their apartment at the Center, Richard could only pace and wait for Lily to return from the local police station, where she reporting their only daughter missing.

It was then he heard the knock on the door. Running towards it, he threw it open.

"Lily?" he asked hopefully.

But it was only Shawn and some other woman.

"Oh, hey Shawn." he said cautiously. He only nodded to the young woman. "Shawn, have you seen Isabelle? Lily and I found her crib empty, we have no idea where she had gone. Is there any 4400 you know of that can help us find her?" He walked back inside. "Lily is already at the police station filling a report."
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