agent_skouris (agent_skouris) wrote in life_interupted,

Broken Glass (Tag: Marco, Tom, Alana, Jeremy, Jean)

Diana turned away from the door, her eyes searching the streets. Her right hand was secured comfortably on her purse, right above her gun holster so she could access it easily. Her other hand was holding the car keys. Electronically unlocking the doors, she went down the steps, smiling at Marco who waited on the bottom.

"No luck, Jeremy Bryant is home." she said, as she stood next to him. "Alana's art place is right around the corner, I think we should just drive there so I can keep an eye on my car."

She walked over to her door, Marco following behind, as she sat in the driver's seat and threw her purse in the back. She didn't need it anymore. Diana usually only had it for social calls, to show that she was just some kind NTAC agent looking for information. At a secured crime scene however, it wasn't needed at all. She was adjusting the mirror when Marco got in the car.

"So, who are you voting for?" Diana asked. "Do you think a human or 4400 threw that brick?"
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