daniel_armand (daniel_armand) wrote in life_interupted,

Bait (tag Lily)

Daniel sat down at his desk, thinking about life and what a waste his had been so far. He had been granted a gift though, the gift of POWER, and he was not about to let that gift go to waste. He might have said that he had been using his powers on Lily, but he hadn't yet. The experimenting though, that was true, but there was a problem though. Daniel was trying to figure out a way to make his 4400 members better, stronger, but how could he know if his experiments and his new serums were working, if he didn't know how to measure it. He didn't know what Lily's power is, or that if she even had one, impossible to measure. But that is why he changed his plan and used her as bait, he couldn't judge her powers but he could on other 4400s. Daniel let out a secret grin that only he could see, a grin that could start a war between 4400s, well at least a few fights.

Daniel made his way out of his office and into the holding cell where Lily was being kept, "I was thinking about taking that blind fold off of you and the gag out of your mouth, but I am afraid you might bite. You wouldn't bite me, would you?,", Daniel laughed, "and oh by the way your Richard is worried about you and so is that punk Shawn and your adorable dau.........oh never mind."

Daniel laughed and laughed at himself, waiting for Lily to squirm and get upset, he wanted her to squirm. He slowly removed the gag out of her mouth.
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