agent_skouris (agent_skouris) wrote in life_interupted,

The War is Only Starting (Tag: Maia)

Closing the door, Diana Skouris turned. She had just said goodbye to Marco Pacella, the man from her work that she had just started dating. They both had decided that after Maia's startling prediction, that it would be best for him to leave and let her mother handle it on her own. The young girl had locked herself in her room, writing in those notebooks that she could not put down. Yes, she has a special gift, but it seemed that ever since she was taken off the promicin inhibitor her visions have not stopped coming. Opening the door lightly, Diana looked inside at her adoptive daughter, wondering why in the world would the people of the future bestow a gigantic gift on such a little girl.

Stepping inside, Diana worked her way through Maia's toys and books and sat on the side of her bed. Five notebooks sat on her left, filled to the brim with her predictions. Ten were on her left, waiting to be filled. Maia was halfway done the one she was writing in. "THE WAR IS ONLY STARTING" was written in a childish hand on the bottom of the left page.

"So Maia," she began, placing a hand on her shoulder. "What are you up to?"

She already knew the answer, but still wanted Maia to tell her.
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