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life_interupted's Journal

Taken for a Reason. Returned with a Purpose.

Life Interrupted -- A 4400 RPG
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(If blank, character is uncast.)

Tom Baldwin*: tom_baldwin03 (Played by Chris)
Nina Jarvis:
Marco Pacella: marcopacella (Played by Giu)
Diana Skouris*: agent_skouris (Played by Steven)

The 4400
Kevin Burkhoff*: kevin_burkhoff (Played by Colby)
Jordan Collier:
Shawn Farrell*: shawnfarrell_83 (Played by Colby)
Alana Mareva*: alana_mareva (Played by Amber)
Maia Skouris*: maiaskouris1946 (Played by Kate)
Heather Tobey:
Lily Tyler*:
Richard Tyler*: richard_tyler (Played by Steven)

The Nova Group
Daniel Armand: daniel_armand
T.J. Kim:
Gary Navarro:

Other Important People
Kyle Baldwin: youretoolate (Played by D)
Danny Farrell:
Matthew Ross:
April Skouris:
Isabelle Tyler*: isabelletyler (Played by D)

Original Characters
Jeremy Bryant: jeremy_bryant (Played by Steven)
Jean Teller: jeanteller1 (Played by Giu)


This is a RPG set after the events in the season two finale of The 4400, "Mommy's Bosses."

Although some character have not returned this season (like Kyle Baldwin and Lily Tyler), that does not mean that they are gone in our RPG. We will play this however we want, we do not have to follow what goes on in the show.

Also, I have listed all the possible characters that are available. We are going to start when we get most of the major characters (those with a * after their name).